Flower gift Box DIY: All You must Know


With dates such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day on the calendar, it is vital for anyone who considers themselves fortunate enough to have a loved one to be armed with the perfect gift. On that note, there’s no gift better at expressing how you truly feel about your loved one than flowers, especially when you send them a flower gift box. Sadly, these flower gift boxes can be pretty pricy on those special days; however, that’s where the DIY comes in.

The following is the procedure of how to do the DIY

For DIY flower gift boxes, you require a ribbon (optional), a gift (optional), scissors, shredded paper, a strong cardboard box, and top-notch fabric flowers. As for the main flowers to be used in the gift box, they have to possess fairly big petals, for example, orchids, peonies, roses, magnolias, etc. This enables better showcasing and spares you the necessity of using many flowers to top up the box. The main point is to cut each flower down to size to fit the box used.

As for the cardboard box, it can be any strong box made of cardboard that you wish to repurpose. If you find one that does not have a flattering outlook, you can salvage its exterior appearance via the use of simple white paper or gift wrapping paper. The shredded paper is placed at the bottom of the gift box. Such papers are found in the packages of items that you buy online. Alternatively, you may opt to shred your own paper or cut several pieces into bits and crush them into tiny balls before putting them in the gift box.

Following the assembly of all relevant materials and the flowers you cut down to size, it’s now time for the part you have been waiting for; the creation and crafting of the gift box. It is advised that one initially puts some big pieces of flowers in the middle and the corner region. The rest of the gift box is to be topped off by tinier pieces, which may be contrasting in color. There is a need to make small depressions into the shredded paper using a chopstick, pen, or pencil, which will effectively hold the pieces of flowers in place. Once you are done, you can tie a ribbon around the gift box.

Lastly, we must remember to insert a gift in the box, which is the icing on the cake. However, you can ignore this bit about having to put a gift because the flower gift box can stand on its own. If you opt to fit a gift into the mix, then you should be sure to place it at the center of the box, surrounded by flowers. You can do this by removing the flowers in the middle, pushing the shredded paper further down, and placing your gift in the middle of the box. On the other hand, you can choose not to alter any arrangement in the box and just put the gift atop the flowers.


You finally did it! You managed to make a gorgeous flower gift box that will touch the heart of whoever is on the receiving end of this marvelous gift. Furthermore, you have managed to wow them with not just the flowers or the present but with your creativity as well.


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